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Designer Saddle Stools

Designer Saddle Stools


Beautiful designer saddle stools.

Each one is unique and made to order.

Bring that designer look into your home.

Adjustable, with a swivel action and very comfortable.

✔360 Degrees Swivel Wheels: Featured with 360 degrees swivel wheels, you can move in any direction. The 5 casters on the base ensures smooth maneuverability, the floor will not be scratched.

✔Adjustable Height: Built in hydraulic lift, you can adjust the height to meet your different needs. You just simply pull the handle lever while sitting to lower the seat, or pull it while standing to make the stool taller.

✔Fully assembled.

✔Comfortable Saddle Seat: Featured leather saddle which encourages the body to take on a healthier sitting position, relaxes muscles and permanently relieves the spine which makes it more comfortable to sit on for long periods.


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